There are many types of temporary residence visas that one can apply for, and it is very important to identify and establish the correct category of visa to apply for, depending on your needs and your ability to meet the requirements.

Visas range from very short term visas, such as visitors visas issued for periods of less than 3 months at a time to visas that are issued for much longer periods – up to 5 years, such as work visas.

Generally, all visas should be applied for from abroad. Once entered on a valid visa, such visas may then be renewed from within South Africa

To prepare and submit an application for any of the categories of temporary residence visas, the applicant needs to be confident that they would meet all the requirements set for the specific Visa. Our services include such assessments and we would not continue with any processes with our clients until absolutely certain that one shall meet such requirements.

This assessment is performed by us on the very first consultation with you – conducted electronically, telephonically or in person. Once it has been established that you qualify for a specific type of visa, we will progress to the next stage of preparing all documents that are required for the actual submission of the Visa.

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    Temporary Residence Visas Types:

    Work Visa

    There are three main categories of work Visas one can apply for: General Work Visa, Critical Skills Work Visa and Intra-company Transfer Work Visa.

    Visitors Visa

    A Visitor’s Visa is a short term visa that is issued to individuals who intend to reside in South Africa for periods not exceeding three months at a time.

    Study Visa

    Who would need to apply for a study visa? Any foreigner who intends to study in the Republic needs to apply for a study visa.

    Business Visa

    A business visa may be issued to a foreigner intending to establish or invest in, or who has established or invested in a business in South Africa.

    Relative Visa

    A relative visa can be issued to a foreigner who is a member of the immediate family of a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa.

    Medical Visa

    Any foreigner who intends to receive medical treatment for a period of longer than three months would need to apply for a medical treatment visa.

    Retired Person Visa

    A retired person visa may be issued to a foreigner who intends to retire in South Africa. It can be issued for a maximum period of 4 years at a time.

    Treaty Visa

    A treaty visa may be issued to a foreigner conducting activities in terms of an International agreement to which South Africa is a party to such agreement.